Teacher's Page
1.  Heather Limp and Katie Rose Tolley
2.  Kindergarten - First Grade
3.  Compare and contrast the way of life in Pioneer history and today
4.  The objective of this Vitrual Tour is to take kindergarten and first grade students to Spring Mill State Park to observe the way of life during pioneer times by touring through the Pioneer Village.
5.  Social Studies standards:  K.1.1, 1.1.1, 1.1.2
6.  Our Virtual Tour gives young students a way to see how the way of living has changed since pioneer days.  The students will be able to look at pictures showing an old mill, doctor's office, and pioneer housing.  The students will then be able to discuss their findings with the teachers and other adults around them.
7.  We chose Spring Mill State Park becuase it has a real Pioneer village.  It is located in Mitchell, IN and was not too far of a drive to visit.
8.  Once the students finish the virtual tour of Spring Mill State Park Pioneer Village, the class with regroup and there will be a teacher led discussion involving all of the students.  The discussion will involve comparing and contrasting the way of life then and now.  After a group discussion, the students will be sent back to their seats and they are to write a journal about their favorite part of the virtual tour and draw a picture to represent it.
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